We focus on creating innovative, useful tools and products for customers in personal finance and real estate space. Our ultimate goal of creating these products is to provide a low cost model in exploring new investment opportunities.

Event Management

We help people to conduct events, workshops seemlessly by taking care of the end-to-end marketing required including creating online posters, 2d/3d animation promo creation, and creating stunnings websites.

Technology meetups

Tech Bytes is our not-for-profit Science and Technology meetup initiative for youths by youths. At TechBytes, we are creating a platform for young minds to debate, discuss and demonstrate their ideas into reality.

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Tech Bytes is our not-for-profit Science and Technology meetup initiative for youths, by youths!

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Our team takes pride and responsibility for the work we do. We truely rely on our customer’s success for our success which is why we do not stop ourselves at creating products - but we also write blogs, conduct events, workshops to get our message loud and clear.

Impact of Technology

By Subbu Govindarajapuram

All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas Today’s world is an image of a revolution that has happened. We have gone through numerous revolutions to come to this stage. Though there are a number of revolutions around us throughout the various centuries, all these can be classified into three or in other words they can all be boxed into one of the following.

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Tech Bytes Announcement

By Ashok Kasilingam

This post is a follow-up to our earlier post and provides more details on what we are planning for the event. We would like to focus on 3 areas for our event as below: Presentation skill (Communication) Leadership skill (Collaboration) Product creation (Creativity and Critical Thinking) Part 1: Presentation skill: Any ideas when written down takes better shape and when presented before a set of audience greatly enhances the presenter’s understanding.

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By Ashok Kasilingam

There has been a new jargon in financial industry “Fintech” which has been floating around for the past few years. “Fintech” are technology-first (software based) companies that leverage software to compete with traditional financial institutions. Traditional brick and mortar financial institutions have to somehow pass their physical location operational costs to their customers in one way or other. Online-only financial institutions fully pass these savings to their customers. There are already many online-only financial institutions which have made their mark.

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Get ready for Tech Bytes event 2019!

By Ashok Kasilingam

Happy new year to everyone! We at Tech Bytes, would like to create a platform for technology related discussion and debates and we are planning to conduct an event on Feb 23 2019 in Surrey. Impact of technology on our day-to-day life is the tagline for this event and there will be something for everyone. There will be fun games, knowledge sharing, group discussion and more. This is a free event and is open to all.

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