Tech Bytes Announcement

By Ashok Kasilingam

This post is a follow-up to our earlier post and provides more details on what we are planning for the event.

We would like to focus on 3 areas for our event as below:

  • Presentation skill (Communication)
  • Leadership skill (Collaboration)
  • Product creation (Creativity and Critical Thinking)

Part 1: Presentation skill:

Any ideas when written down takes better shape and when presented before a set of audience greatly enhances the presenter’s understanding. Hence we invite kids to present their tech ideas/science knowledge as a presentation with more visuals not exceeding 10 mins.

Form a team of minimum 2 members/maximum 3 - (we can also help form a team), take a simple topic and research thoroughly as a team and do a presentation in very simple, understandable terms.

Topics needs to be sent to us and we will work with the kids with our suggestion (if the selected topic needs improvement).

Part 2: Leadership skill:

We will have some fun tech-related challenges/games to play which will need a leader to provide the final answer.

We will split all the willing participants on the day of the event into 3 or 4 groups. And preference is to be given to kids who have not participated in presentation skill to be chosen as leader.

Part 3: Product creation:

In this final segment, we would like to invite people who have created any successful products/projects to provide a demo and share the knowledge.

Eg: animation, a website, a video, drone, VR/AR, project (using raspberry pi/arduino, simple electronic project, simple science project, simple home automation project or any other projects/products)

Idea here is to promote product creation skills in our community. This is an open-to-all category, so that youths could learn practical ideas from the community.